All the images you see on the gallery below, plus many thousands more, can be licenced for reproduction from this site. All my own images from the Military Picture Library, plus many other images spanning the last 100 years of military operations and training, may be found by emailing me for a portfolio or by detailing your requirements and clicking on this link to send me an email.

If it floats, flies or goes bang, whether in the air, on the sea or land, during the day, at night, in the jungle, the desert or the arctic then I’ve probably photographed it or have the skills necessary for the job. For clients in the military, defence, security or outdoor pursuits industries especially, this resource should be your number one port of call. A brief overview of images may be found below, for which you need Adobe Flash Player installed. Framed display prints may also be ordered by quoting the file number in the top left. If you don’t see what you want at first glance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I haven’t got it; it may be in the files or, of course, you may have time for the shot to be commissioned and taken specially for you. Hover your mouse over image to read file reference, top left.

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