This is an example of retouching work done for BAe Systems. I was required to incorporate new weapons systems, at that point not cleared for flight, taken from a photo of an 1/8th scale model shot in the studio onto an image of real Typhoon, shot by friend and ace air-to-air photographer Geoffrey Lee, on the ground and then combine all the elements into another of his existing air-to-air photograph - in this case an RAF Hawk T.1A - the sort of bread and butter job that most users of Photoshop need to master. How was the Typhoon photo-composite done? Watch the slideshow above for an abbreviated version.

Using Adobe Photoshop CC & Adobe Lightroom CC effectively can be a nightmare for new users swamped by technology overload. Knowing how to focus on the key elements for most everyday tasks, establishing effective workflow and colour management policies, can take far too long on your own. The example below shows what can be achieved with skill, effort and plenty of time...

Digital Darkroom

Images © Geoffrey Lee, retouching Peter Russell