A decade long endeavour!

My close friend, Neil Mercer, and I have spent over twelve years working on what will hopefully become the definitive book on the story of Dartmoor tin.

The extensively illustrated book is due to be published in late 2021, initially as a limited edition of just one hundred, each numbered and signed and supplied in a hand-tooled slip case with a genuine Dartmoor tin Stannary Seal embedded in the cover. There will also be a further unnumbered and unsigned edition of this 297x297mm book available. Prices are yet to be determined, so keep your eyes firmly on the Spirit Of Dartmoor Tin web site so that you can get your order in quickly, as early indications suggest that the limited edition will sell quickly.

The book has been a labour of love for its primary author and will never make a return on the huge amount of money spent in the pursuit of excellence - some £65,000 so far!

Whilst this is not the place to talk about the story contained in the book, there may be many questions about how the photography for it was undertaken. Dartmoor National Park is well known for its weather, with four seasons frequently appearing in the space of just one hour.

Over the next couple of pages (as and when they are constructed) are a few teasers of the range and breadth of the photographs that you can expect to find in the book, as well as the range of equipment used and the hardships that had to be overcome in order to capture them.

Next page: the equipment.

The Spirit Of Dartmoor Tin