It's always great when a member of your family makes a success of their life. It's often just as gratifying when they do so in an area close to one's heart.

My high spirited daughter, Pippa, has done just that.

An exceptionally hard worker, determined to give one hundred per cent in everything she attempts, Pips has just started a cookery blog, shooting all her own images, writing the copy and designing the recipes. And what's more she hasn't come to her dad asking to borrow any equipment. Over the years she has acted as my assistant on a wide range of shoots, amassing a store of knowledge that she has finally put into operation to produce her popular blog - The Good, The Bad & The Tasty. Sadly (January 2020) she has had to put it on hold whilst she spends a couple of years working in abroad.

To prove that kit is often the least important part of the operation she uses an iPhone and a Nikon CoolPix P7000, allied to a simple lighting kit, to produce great images. Christmas and birthday presents are brilliant too - backgrounds and a wide range of plates and cutlery make her a joy to present-hunt for.

She says, "If, like me, you are obsessed with cooking and all things food but also struggle with wanting to keep fit and healthy then this is the blog for you. Who wants to ‘eat clean’ all the time? Not me, nope, no way.

Trying to maintain a balance can be really difficult, especially when everywhere you look are majorly conflicting adverts. Glamorous people in skin tight outfits, making even the slimmest of humans feel overweight. Then those saliva inducing ads for all things junk, Krispy Kremes I’m looking at you!

During the week I eat a varied diet of low carb, low sugar, low fat… Which makes you think ‘low fun’ will be right in there BUT that is not the case. Healthy doesn’t have to mean bland! Trust me.

Jump to the weekends… I love to entertain and cook for the masses. A veggie soba noodle soup just ain’t going to cut it now. I need butter, cream, wine, salt, sugar and anything calorifically disgusting to make mouthwatering and (over)indulgent feasts.

The best bit is that the good & the bad sections of this blog are constantly tasty so whether it’s a rainy Wednesday or a sunny Saturday, I’ve got you covered!

Now go, eat, be merry and stop giving a f*** about rice cakes and pumpkin seeds."

Images © Pippa Russell 2016-2017


The Good, The Bad & The Tasty; Keeping It In The Family