15th September 2014 - Battle of Britain Day

Take one de Havilland Tiger Moth DH82a (built by Morris Motors in Cowley in 1943), an experienced pilot and a photographer on his birthday surprise and what have you got?

An experience made in (almost) heaven - the closest to God without actually joining hands that one can probably get. I've flown in many types of aircraft over the years, from Spitfires to Hercules, and had the privilege of 'hands on' in many of them, yet nothing comes close to an open cockpit at 2000ft in a delightful aeroplane that you almost 'wear' - just jaw-droppingly wonderful. This was shot using two GoPro Hero3+ cameras cabled-tied to the struts.

Thanks to my new 'best friends' at Tiger Moth Training at Henstridge Airfield, formerly HMS Dipper, I've discovered my new vocation; tea boy, biscuit boy, hangar apprentice and possibly even a photographer there.

Without my darling Julie, mad daughter Pippa and media-savvy son Jamie, who all conspired with Annabelle Burroughes and Clive Davidson at Tiger Moth Training Ltd, none of this would have happened - thank you so much. All I have to do now is replace all the cable ties that were used to stick cameras all over the Moth.


Tiger Moth Training