On 13th February 2014 my son Jamie and I decided to travel out to the Somerset Levels, starting first at the amusingly named Cockrod, a hilltop road to the south of Street. Through driving winds and lashing rain, with temperatures dropping rapidly below freezing, we took a large number of shots that barely touch on the damage caused by the floods. Within 20 minutes the sun was out again, but it didn't last.

We then drove down to Burrow Bridge, which is where the A361 to Taunton was very firmly closed. The view above is from the bridge over the River Parrett, looking south west towards Taunton. The road has been closed since 19th January when I last came this way. The River Parrett had already reached above the arch of the road bridge and more rain was forecast last night.

From Burrow Bridge we then retraced our steps through Othery and Graylake to see the most incredible cloud formations to the north west that chased us back towards Cockrod. We stopped there about 25 minutes before dusk as heavy cloud dropped torrential rain over us before racing on eastwards.

We followed and watched an amazing sunset in our mirrors, thinking that at first it was some sort of explosion or fire. Pulling over on the rain-socked road near Alford we were actually able to see what was happening and got soaked for our troubles recording it.

We then followed the clouds as they dropped first rain and then snow on the high ground, so that when we arrived at the A359 near Upton Noble, some 30 minutes after sunset, the far hills were capped with snow. Such an amazing weather experience in under two hours - in Somerset.

Flooding On The Somerset Levels