I have just had the pleasure of shooting the new Ford Mustang 5.0 litre over the misty, wet autumn roads of Dartmoor National Park.

What a superb car it is!

With less than an hour to play with the car, and with the weather rapidly worsening, there was little time to do more than a quick sortie out of Princetown, home to the forbidding Dartmoor Prison, and cover a few roads across the moor.

Shooting from the back of an open Mercedes CLK in a very exposed position made it almost impossible to even communicate with my driver, let alone the driver of the Mustang! Luckily, to get the impression of speed, one doesn't need to travel as fast as the images imply - 30mph and slow shutter speeds, allied to the superb NIKKOR AF-S 16-35mm f/4G VR lens with vibration reduction - meant that I could be shooting at around 1/15th-1/60th second and still capture images relatively sharply whilst retaining the impression of motion.

Post-production, as always, was initially in Adobe Bridge CC 2017 and Camera RAW before editing the shots in Photoshop CC 2017 and finally exporting them from Adobe Lightroom CC at the required resolution, enabled in the Lightroom presets.


Mustang On The Loose