Do you need to commission high quality photography? Do you need to let someone take the pressure off your shoulders?

The solution is here.

In simple terms I am a photographic problem solver! You need to get on with doing what you are best at and leave me to take the weight off your shoulders and deliver the goods.

Professional photography is not just about taking great shots - although that is of course, the most important part - but is often as much about making things happen that secure the final objective; taking a job from beginning to end, often based on nothing more than a very flimsy brief and the ability to read the mind of a client, then delivering just what the client has in his or her mind with the least hassel! Whilst I have been a professional photographer for many years, working in areas as diverse as medical, forensic, advertising and defence, my experience and determination means that I am able to create a result often using little more than smoke and mirrors - taking that pressure off you.

Today, I work largely on location and particularly enjoy working in demanding and challenging environments - from the desert to the arctic - ideal particularly for the military, defence and security sectors. Air-to-air/air-to-surface photography also features high on my list of abilities.

For many years I have run a specialist stock library, now containing well over 350,000 images, including a wide range of images from the core archives of the Military Picture Library that I founded in 1971. As an experienced Digital Asset Management (DAM) consultant, essential to the smooth running of any picture library, I am able to offer my hard-won skills to enable you to set up and maintain an effective DAM system and digital workflow. My writing on these subjects, using a ‘no frills’ approach that is easy to understand, has also been published in the professional photographic press.

What others have to say:

“Peter has been the photographic powerhouse behind a great many high-value projects that I have delivered over the last 20 years. His passion for both the technical and creative aspects of photography, combined with his inventive streak, has produced stunning results under conditions that would have had other photographers running for cover. Peter is a photographer who 'gets' the brief and I have never once felt the need to direct one of his shoots. His integrity is second-to-none, his performance is consistently excellent and his results will surprise you...but in a good way.” John Skliros, Em Quad

“Peter has, over many years, provided our company with quality photographs in difficult aviation environments.” Andy Cowley, Engineering Manager, Irvin-GQ Parachutes/Airborne Systems

“Peter Russell is one of the best military defence photographers I have come across (and I have worked with many over the years). Many of his images have been used in the illustrated books that I have had published. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” Peter Darman, military author and publisher

“I engaged Peter for a rather tricky last minute photo shoot. I work for a charity which provides qualifications to youth organisations and we needed several different kinds of photos of young people and their instructors. We needed some standard shots and ideally some innovative treatments, angles and more exciting pieces too. Peter grasped the rather half formulated and not very well articulated ideas of what we needed immediately and provided some invaluable inspiration of his own.

During the shoot, Peter had the gift of enthusing the subjects (not always easy with teenagers!) and getting the very best out of them. His professional and relaxed manner put everyone at ease and resulted in some truly outstanding shots which we have used on many more projects than first intended. This was money very well spent for us. The processing of the photos and delivery was quick and very professional. We were consulted at every stage on what would work best for us in terms of formats and delivery.

I would not hesitate to use Peter again or to recommend him to others.” Marisa Whitfield, Coordinator Corporate Communications, CVQO

“Peter is a really reliable person to work with, always here to help, on time and budget. Immense knowledge on Army images and great professionalism. A really nice person to work with. Thank you Peter for all your help for so many years of Army magazines, since 2000!” Dominique Campbell, ARMY magazine, Haymarket Network

“Peter is great to work with in any environment, with a wealth of experience and a can-do attitude, whether in the wilds or in the studio. Give him a map reference and a time and he is there, kit sorted, ready for action. Plus, he also makes a great brew-up even in the middle of a forest!” Mike Barlow, Mi Creative

“Peter is a creative and reliable photographer who deals brilliantly with all of our photographic and graphic requirements at Enigma. I strongly recommend him; he is also a gentleman. If Peter cannot produce what you need then you need to rethink what you need!” Neil Mercer, Enigma Solicitors

“These are fabulous! Peter - thank you so much. The prize goes to the fish-eye blue and red picture of the Albert Hall and the performers - just stunning.Thank you so much for the part you played in all this. I'm all agog to see what else you've got - this is a great taster. Just to add, we have been getting some fabulous feedback.” Annabel McDade, The Rifles Events

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