Of course, good photography is not about equipment - we all know that. However, all things being equal, if the correct kit to undertake a particular job is not available or up to scratch the results may suffer.

In addition to the photographic equipment to enable the basic range of photography to be undertaken, additional items are packed that allow for a wider range of uses, for example remotely controlled cameras, microphones or specialist suction mounts for vehicular use, as shown below.

Nikon & Photographic Kit

Remotely controlled cameras, using either radio control or hard-wired control, are perfect for those situations where you need to put equipment in dangerous places, where it is physically impossible to place a photographer or when multiple cameras are needed to cover an event. Hard-wired cameras are always less prone to being triggered by rogue signals and I favour them over radio control if the conditions allow.

Intervalometers - timers - are also essential if time lapse photography is to be undertaken. That other essential for all photographers - gaffer or duct tape - is always packed and is worth its weight in gold as shown above.