Over the years I have acquired many Nikon & NIKKOR brochures, instruction manuals, user's guides, leaflets, parts lists, repair manuals - both as the genuine printed products and as digital PDF files. I was spurred on to do something useful with my collection after I recently discovered reams of promotional brochures going back to the 1960s which had I collected long before I could even afford the cameras.

I have decided that everything that is so far in digital form will be made available - for free - on this site. Apart from the actual cost of buying the amount of kit that provided some of the literature, virtually none of the items has cost me a penny, so I think that it is only fair that other dedicated Nikon collectors and users should enjoy the benefits of this.

I still have a huge number of brochures, ranging from the Nikon F era right through to the DSLRs of today, that have to be scanned and assembled into PDF files. This is a thankless task and one that, if I am honest, I have been putting off for ages because of the demands of doing it perfectly and the monotony of actually ploughing through all the material!

However, rather than wait for it all to be done, I offer below a range of material that has already been completed. Where appropriate the literature is dated - the UK form of dates may be unfamiliar to foreign readers; namely two digit months follow by two digit years - thus 1082 is the tenth month of 1982 - October 1982. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

By right-clicking on the images below you can open and/or download and save the linked PDF files to you computer.


Nikon & NIKKOR Brochures, Manuals, Leaflets & More...

Nikkorex 35 Reflex-Zoom

Nikon F Leaflet UK 1962 (Pullin)

Nikon F Fully Automatic Reflex Instructions 1062

Nikon F2 Brochure (Germany) 0178

Nikon F3HP Brochure 0488

Nikon F4 Technical Guide

Nikon F5 System Brochure (Germany) 0802

Nikon F6 Brochure 0804

8 new NIKKOR Lenses US circa1964

Fisheye-NIKKOR 6mm f2.8 Instruction Manual

NIKKOR AF-S 14-24mm & 24-70mm 0807

NIKKOR AF-I ED 300mm f2.8D IF Instruction Manual

NIKKOR AF-S 200-400mm f4G IFED VR User's Manual

NIKKOR Lenses Brochure 0707

NIKKOR ED 1200mm f11 IF Instruction Manual

Nikon Lens-Body Compatibility (Page View)

Nikon D2x Brochure 0904

Nikon D200 Brochure 1105

Nikon D300 Brochure 1107

Nikon D3x Brochure 1108

Nikon D4s Brochure 0514

Nikon Df Brochure 0114

Nikon D810 Brochure 0614

Nikon F - Fitting F-36 & F-250 Motor Drives

Nikkormat FTn Repair Manual 1070

Nikon F-36 Cordless Battery Pack Parts List 1971

Nikon F Photomic FTn meter repair instructions

Nikon F5 Parts List

Nikon F801 Parts List

Nikon MD-4 Parts List

Nikon FH-869G Film Holder User's Guide

Nikon Price List (US) September 1965

Nikkor Price List (Germany) 1967

Nikon Price List (US) 1972 January

Nikon UK Price List 2007 May

Nikon UK Price List 2009 May

Nikon UK Price List 2011 February

Nikon UK Price List 2012 September

Nikon UK Price List 2013 May