Auto-NIKKOR Telephoto Zoom 8.5cm-25cm f/4-f/4.5, S/No 160513. The very first model of zoom lens ever produced by Nippon Kogaku (Nikon), this single zoom/focus ring model was offered from November 1959, four months after the introduction of the Nikon F. In its ten year life only about 6265 were produced, making it a relatively rare lens. This example was made in June 1963. This lens is in fair to good condition. Glass is clear and free of any scratches or blemishes. Exterior barrel shows some signs of wear, as is to be expected with a lens that is over 56 years old. Mount is clean and unworn. Tripod mounts barely used. The focus and zoom control is smooth and the correct locking knob is present. Focusing ring with tick marks. This is a pre-Ai lens. Complete with correct NIKKOR push on front cap, Nikon lens hood and rear NKK lens cap. GBP £175.00

NIKKOR AF 20-35mm f/2.8D, S/No 212521. A great example of one of the all-time stars of the Nikon autofocus range. Bought new by me in 1994, the lens comes complete with front and rear caps and the correct Nikon lens hood. It was overhauled by Nikon UK a few years ago but has not been used since because of the 16-35mm that I replaced it with. It is optically and mechanically sound, but with some exterior signs of wear and tear. GBP £370.00

Black Nikon F Photomic FTn body, S/No 7274874 (October 1971), just fully cleaned, lubricated and adjusted, matched to a fully restored Nikon F-250 Electric Motor Drive, S/No 104953 (1971), with a Nikon Remote Battery Pack Type 4 and 1m lead. Also included are two 33ft 35mm film cassettes. GBP £900.00

Historic, completely restored chrome April 1962 Nikon F body, S/No 6465025, fitted with a matched, freshly overhauled and fully functioning Nikon F-36 Electric Motor Drive, S/No 98309 (1962), with a Nikon Remote Battery Pack Type 2 and 1m lead. This is the very early model F-36 that does not have the Shutter Speed Range firing rate table on the back and has the serial number on the front. Early brown Remote Battery Packs in perfect working condition are now becoming extremely rare, so this is a great package for a serious collector. This F-36 is the 1308th to be produced. The body has a standard Type 3 Eye-Level Prism Finder that shows no sign of separation. The viewfinder has also been rebuilt and re-shimmed. The body has had a later, Type 5 Mirror Housing fitted by Nikon at some stage to take the Photomic T, Tn and FTn finders. A hollow, Type 3 Wind Lever is fitted, as is a Self-Timer Lever Type 4. The camera shows very few signs of wear although the black paint is scratched in a few places, particularly around the eye piece. There are one or two minor dinks in the chrome, but overall, for a 58 year old camera I would describe the visual condition as 8/10 and the mechanical as 9.5/10. GBP £1050.

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