Once you’ve used a Nikon, particularly the original film cameras, you are hooked! Over the years I have had a huge number of Nikon F bodies, lenses and accessories, but sold all but one to finance the next upgrade. Recently I have added a number of Nikon Fs, as well as other Nikon and Nikkormat bodies, to replace those originals, forming the basis of my modest collection.

All are now working perfectly, having been lovingly restored to full working condition. Some I will keep, whilst others are for sale to finance further purchases.

I currently have two very early bodies, one S/No 6407661 (Sep 1959) and one S/No 6412135 (Feb 1960) - the 7661st and 12135th bodies to be produced - in my collection and am now looking for good condition, boxed, bodies with early serial numbers.

An early F-36 Electric Motor Drive, S/No: 98309, with Nikon Remote Battery Pack Type 2 has just been overhauled and matched to Nikon F, S/No 6491108 for £1050. An F-250 Electric Motor Drive, S/No 104952, has also just been restored, matched to a restored black Nikon F Photomic FTn body, S/No 7274874 and is curretly for sale, with a Nikon Remote Battery Pack Type 4 and 1m lead for £900.

An early example of the NIKKOR Telephoto Zoom 8.5-25cm f/4-4.5, S/No 160513 (Jun 1963), is also available - one of the first models of zoom lens made by Nippon Kogaku KK. Other NIKKORs and later digital Nikons are also available. If you are interested in purchasing an item, or have something interesting to offer, please drop me a line.

Nikon Sales

Nikon F-250 Electric Motor Drive as shown on seller's web site, complete with aftermarket power conversion

The same Nikon F-250 Electric Motor Drive after full restoration and matching to Nikon F body