Every great act requires a number of rehearsals to ensure that things go according to plan; the Challenge was no different. A rehearsal was scheduled for the morning of the Press Launch, in order to establish the ease and viability of jumping from the basket of a balloon.

At dawn on the morning of the official Press launch, the balloon was unloaded and inflated on Salisbury Plain Training Area and the team embarked. Bear, Alan and Phill, along with Pte Simon ‘Mac’ McConnell 1 PWRR from the Joint Service Parachute Centre, had their first and, as it turned out, their penultimate jump from a balloon on a perfect dawn over Netheravon Airfield in Wiltshire.

Accuracy wasn’t too hot, but they all walked away from their landings; always the most important criteria, even if some walked a bit further than others!

Dress Rehearsal