Many people think that the two apparently diametrically opposed areas of commercial, specifically defence, and social photography should never be allowed to practiced by one photographer! I beg to differ. With a background working with the armed forces, I have always endeavoured to remain relatively unseen on operations as far as possible - staying alive in the process! There are large number of ex-forces photographers who specialise in wedding photography for exactly that reason.

With weddings I aim to let the special day unfold in front of me, rather than intruding. If bride, groom and guests ask where the photographer was, I feel that I have succeeded. Left to my own devices, I tend to shoot a mixture of modern, creative reportage images, allied to traditional shots. However, I am entirely in your hands when deciding how to cover your big day. However, it is vital that your planning allows you to factor enough time into the day to enable me to create the images that you want. Photographs do not just 'happen', despite the widespread use of camera phones that appears to indicate otherwise!

The pricing structure is relatively simple and reflects not only the time spent on the pre-event reconnaissance and coverage of the day itself, but also the amount of time that must be spent at the computer after the event if the shots are to do you justice. However every wedding is different so I find it invidious to show prices at this stage; prices can easily be negotiated once there is more information available.

Your wedding will be covered from start to finish - you determine how long - by myself and an assistant. Approximately three or four days (depending on the complexity of the wedding) will then be spent in the studio, editing, retouching and colour balancing the images. From this selection you will receive a DVD in the post containing initial low resolution still images, along with a web link that you can email to your friends, pointing to the images on a hidden page (similar to this one) on this web site.

Only at this stage should you start thinking about the compilation of a wedding photo-book, if indeed you want one at all. You can choose which images to include, the layout and design of your album and become involved in as many, or indeed as few, steps as you wish. Costs of books vary widely, so at this stage you can look at examples and work out prices.

Copyright of all the images remains with me, although you are free to do what you wish with the images, provided it is only for personal use.

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